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How to Cast a Circle - Arcane Magazine

Casting a circle doesn’t need to be tricky but the intentions and protection need to be there. Casting a circle can be done on a budget. A person doesn’t need expensive items to represent the elements, imagination is all you need. Spirits and the Gods love creativity, what matters more is that this is done with respect and love. The media love dramatics but casting a circle is very personal and can be an intimate bonding experience with those who participate together. Before casting the circle

Avak Plotkin is Destined for Magic - Arcane Magazine

Plotkin is the creator of “People are Magic” who is determined to change the way people perceive magic by educating them with his Disney aesthetic art exploring various magical practices and cultural beliefs attached to it. His work has evolved to the point where he has published a book of his work with Manuela Gutierrez, his editor featuring his drawing and facts about the roots of magic and paganism. Plotkin makes sure to delve heavily to publish accurate facts about these topics. For him it’

Healing Your Dark Night Of The Soul Through Shadow Work

Shadow Work is looking at the ugly. The ugly you’re looking at is in you. Shadow work is addressing or in better words confronting every side of you. It’s not all love and light. Shadow work includes shadows and darkness. It makes us see into all our flaws, bad decisions, and our true feelings about things and people we would probably never say aloud or want to acknowledge. The Journey is Worth it Shadow work can take weeks, months or years. But the beauty of it is that it makes us appreciate

YouTube Tarot Readings can do More Harm Than Good

When feeling anxious, down, or depressed we can be desperate for answers that seem so far out of reach. Instead of calling a friend, or a therapist, YouTube comes with many options such as online tarot readings. Tarot reading channels are used when a person is needing a new perspective-advice from someone they don’t know. Yet the same time the reading is a general one that is listened to by thousands of people who are more than likely to believe in it.

Four Easy Ways to De-Stress on the Spot - Arcane Magazine

Take a deep breath. Not one of those little quiet breaths, but large ones taking the time to feel your stomach cave in as you breathe in. Then breathe out, letting your stomach inflate back to normal. Keep doing this as you imagine all your problems and worries blow away…for the moment. Taking breaths is useful for giving oxygen to the brain and more blood flow. Think about this exercise as using a balloon, the more you breathe into your imaginary balloon, the bigger the breath in, the bigger th

Healing, It’s a Lifestyle

There’s the idea that healing needs to be mystical and intangible. Angela Cruz just wants us to listen and feel it. Angela Cruz is the owner of The Aura Stream LLC, an online botanica shop that sells crystals, minerals, and homemade oils and conducts sound bowl healing services and tarot sessions. She contributes a bit of everything due to her passions and the earth-shattering transformations that she experienced in the past.

Light a Candle, It Will Keep Me Safe from Evil by Laurel B. Lujan

In many cultures, candles hold special meanings based solely on their colors. As a young child starting out in my practice as young as nine, the first things I learned about were color and candle magick. Candles have always held a special meaning for me. They were one of the first kinds of magick I have begun with besides herbs. Candles helped me cope with my fears and create a stable environment. A single flame supported me when I would see a spirit next to me to not fear it. Today people oft

Becoming a Polynesian Pop Princess

Breathe in—breathe out. Close your eyes and ask what you desire in life. Take the time to envision precisely what you want and how it may happen. Or! Write your life via the fanfiction genre starring you and your besties! Téa Elani did just that. She works hard and hustles to perfect her craft. What often uplifts her is her family, friends, creativity and her publicist. But what really pushes her are her manifestation tools and habits.

Badfish Coffee & Tea Upholds Sac Area’s Dietary Needs

Holes in the walls are an indication that small businesses are literal gems. So hidden that only locals know of their presence or that people stumble upon them. Badfish Coffee & Tea is more than just that, it literally focuses on its business goal of making it a place for anyone’s diet and making them feel welcome. Vegan? They have it. Keto? There’s a drink and food for it. Gluten-free? They have it as well.

Finding the Right Altar Offering by Laurel B. Lujan - Arcane Magazine

To find out more about building the right altar for you, click here. When a person, is thinking about their past loved ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, or deities, we may want to do something special for them. For me, I give something to my altar as an offering. Back then and now, people gave offerings all the time. Whether it’s to their higher powers or their ancestors it can be done to show gratitude. Gratitude for life, food, shelter. Or to honor them and give back. The Buddhists often offer fo

Synthetic Crystals on the Rise

“You’ll see the word synthetic in the description. Be sure it says natural instead.” Becoming holistic may mean a few things- consuming a cleaner and eco-friendly diet, meditating, and perhaps becoming more spiritually in tune. But, more than likely, a person may find their way by using crystals for their healing powers and motivate them to reach their intentions such as healthfulness, manifestations, or… just wanting to purchase them to wear or have around because they are pretty.

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