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Hekate’s Web of Truth Intertwines with Ours

“Hekate-Goddess of Witches” by Courtney Webber is, at first glance, a historical work for anyone who wants to know more about the chthonic goddess Hekate. Weber sets herself apart by getting candid in her work, making this much more than discovering Hekate in many cultural aspects, new and old. She has the skill to make the reader find who they are as a witch, forcing them to take a deep dive into their spiritual experiences so far based on certain circumstances.

Being a Witch Her Way

It Runs in the family “I never had the intention at all of pursuing witchcraft and the psychic medium stuff as a career,” says Melissa. At three years old, she saw her first Spirit and her mom used to visit psychics consistently. At 12 years old, her mom bought her first tarot deck and found it “scarily accurate” due to reading the book and going off her intuition which she didn’t know at the time.

Diju Jewelry Solders the Mission Community - Arcane Magazine Magazine

Being in a somewhat post-Covid-19 era, many small businesses are still feeling the effects of Covid-19 being in business or out of business. Despite the uniqueness of the services and what they have to offer, two shops give the Mission and Noe Valley residents backbone support in what they may take for granted. For Diana Medina’s Diju Jewelry, it’s located on the Mission past 16th Street BART. It is run by Diana and her nephew. As a proud Mexican native and feminist, she makes it her business...

Kitchen Table Tarot Spoon-Feeds Their Audience

Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova is the perfect appetizer for beginner tarot readers but only a hold-over snack for experienced ones. With Cynova’s perspective being a veteran reader for over 30 years, she gives practical advice and notes to best read tarot cards. In addition, she’s known for teaching tarot from her own kitchen table and other events for many years to help others find their potential in reading cards.

Social Media Tarot Reader Breathes Truth into Her Audience

Trigger warning: mentions of domestic abuse. Please reach out to the domestic abuse hotline for help. It’s late at night, and no sleep is coming. Anxiety fills the mind and body due to the uncertainty of the future. So far, a proactive plan has been set in place to move forward, be a better person, and have faith that things will work out. A ping sounds from your smartphone, and it’s a notification from your favorite YouTube tarot card reader- “What do they feel about you right now?”

Picking the Right Tarot Deck

When people think of tarot cards, they think of a fortuneteller with the headscarf in a backroom accompanied with a giant crystal ball shrouded by mystery and feelings of unnerved or welcomed into this experience. Or maybe they think of tarot cards in horror films as a prop or as a plot device. Tarot is not meant to scare people or to be afraid of the future. It is not a cure-all for all problems. It is supposed to be a mirror and to give a new perspective to what you seek.

How to Build the Perfect Altar or Shrine for You

Altar: (n.) a place for sacred offerings; the front of a church or focus of any place of worship Shrine: (n.) a sacred place, a place of worship, a site or structure respected for its importance; a memorial dedicated to a person, event, etc. What do you value most in your life? What represents these priorities if you had to pick a small item to define it? Altars and shrines come in many shapes and sizes. But sometimes, we do not know these specially selected items are dedicated to our lives...

Reading the Leaves

“What’s the tea?” is what comes to mind for this delicious and soothing divination book. Authors Sandra Mariah Wright and Leanne Marrama managed to stir up emotions and catharsis within these pages while teaching the art of tea leaf reading. Both authors are professional psychics in Salem, Massachusetts where they are known for their spectacular tea readings. “Reading the Leaves” has an accessible introduction to this unique divination technique.

Hidden Tienda Bridges Locals to Their Latin Roots

Nestled amongst the empty crevices of The Shops of Tanforan, located near the food court and nail shop is a store that houses treasures from Latin America and the Southern Shores abroad. Xpresion Cultural is a place that has a bit of everything: jewelry, home decorations, art, clothing, and spiritual items. What sets it apart from the stores in the San Bruno area is that it caters to Latin culture and to the creators who made the products. Eighty percent of the crystals come from Peru...

Put the word “Pussy” in your “Prayer”

If two words seem to be an oxymoron, it would be pussy and prayers. When people think of pussy, it’s derogatory; prayers are for church-goers. This book is full of surprises because if a person were to pass by this book and then backtrack, “Pussy Prayers” by Black Girl Bliss will grab anyone’s attention, as do the methods and advice given in the book. The book pushes readers’ boundaries, making it uncomfortable to try new approaches in becoming confident but promises fruitful results... they sta

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